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Welcome back! We apologize for the down time and hope you come to find this web site a valuable resource. -1998 CBOD
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News Letter
Inspirational words from Kim

      We discussed a newsletter at our homecoming meeting, and I'd like to make it a reality with everyone's help. This is a call for articles and pictures, deliverable to me by December 1st. I'm in the midst of contact with the alumni office about the timing of mailings, but presume for the sake of timeliness in your writing that the newsletter will be in the mail by January 1st, as well as up on the web.

What I'm expecting is:

  1. Article from the chairs of each committee
  2. Article from cbod chairs
  3. Article from committee members (committees outside cbod '98)
  4. A summation of the leadership conference - is anyone going?
  5. Pictures (from homecoming, cbod, any others available?)

What I'm also going to include is:

  1. Upcoming events at WPI (and regionally, like alumni meetings)
  2. A form for updating address, email, new job, more degrees, married, kids, etc.

Formatting Issues:
      I work on a mac, so while .doc is an okay format, I'm going to be converting everything you send me to .txt anyways. So, just avoid formatting anything and I'll make it all look nice. For pictures, you can either send a hard copy of the picture (I'll even mail it back) to me at home, or you can email me a .jpeg.

      Please note that this email is going out to cbod members who gave their direct support and "volunteered" to help at the meeting. I'm also going to send out a general email to the cbod list notifying them of this project and welcoming any help and/or suggestions they might have.


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