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The Alumni Leadership Council convened on Saturday, March 6, 2004.

There were 49 alumni in attendance. The meeting began at 9am and concluded at approximately 12:30PM. Lunch was served at Higgins House for those in attendance.

Special guests at the meeting included Board of Trustee member Steve Rubin ’74, Peter McDermott ’73 and Bill Colehower of Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson & Abbott (engineering/design firm in Boston).

A questionnaire was included in alums' packets, requesting feedback on the day.

The questions were as follows with results to the questions below. 28 of the 49 in attendance completed the questionnaire.

  1. What topics did you find most interesting/important to you?
    • 25 - Campus Master Plan
    • 12 - Changes to WPI (by Steve Rubin)
    • 10 - Marketing (by Steve Rubin)
    • some alums had two responses to this question
  2. What topics were least interesting/important to you?
    • 8 - None of the topics were uninteresting
    • 4 - 5-Year Master Plan presentation
    • 3 - Financial report; Marketing - too many statistics
    • 1 - Introduction; Alumni Relations update
    • again, some alumni had more than one response
      several alums did not respond to this question at all
  3. What kind of things would you like to see as part of the future agendas?
    • Student project presentations
    • fraternity/sorority update
    • tours of new facilities, newly redone facilities
    • discuss our communications among ourselves (web site)
    • brainstorming for marketing area
    • update on Alumni Association activities
    • how alumni are connected
    • how alumni can network with each other
    • give us assignments
    • report on fund raising
    • discussions of how alums, as individuals and committed groups, can be an agent to bring change and advancement to WPI
    • WPI ranking improvement and solution
    • report on how Association is executing against its plan
    • spend some time verbalizing highlights of Alumni Association divisions
    • spend some time verbalizing highlights of Alumni Association divisions
    • more information on current students
    • possibly break out sessions that ask for our in put on a particular topic
    • marketing plan progress
    • recruiting performance
    • work session or groups on how to mobilize alums to support AA programs
    • organize meeting so that it involves participants through break out session to determine potential planning opportunities
  4. How would you rate today's meeting? On a scale of 1-10
    • 6 responses - 7 rank
    • 11 responses - 8 rank
    • 3 responses - 9 rank
    • 6 responses - 10 rank
  5. Any other comments?
    • I enjoy the interaction with fellow alums!
    • smaller bagels; muffins for breakfast
    • The trustee was straightforward and refreshing.
    • Great meeting!
    • Great job!
    • What criteria for new president?
    • Where did the $150 million from the capital campaign go?
    • Communicate project priorities

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend. I would encourage you to share this information with your class board of directors!

Beth Howland
Director, Alumni Relations
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609

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