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Welcome back! We apologize for the down time and hope you come to find this web site a valuable resource. -1998 CBOD
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Class Board of Directors meeting, Class of '98
October 11, 2003


In attendance:

Jeevan Ramapriya
Romeo Gervais
Erin Smith
Seth Popinchalk
Johnny Hogan
Gregory Snow
Anne Pareti
Becky Hoffman
Jennifer Sapochetti-Schoenrock
Keith A. Pray
Kim Dunkelberg

CBOD Chair - Keith Pray and Brian Wilson

  • The board chose to maintain the current chairs, Keith A. Pray and Brian Wilson.
  • The board chose to maintain the current membership, and bring the issue up again next year.
  • Identify Reunion Program Chair and Committee Members - The board chose to maintain the current members and chair, and to not worry about it until at least after our fifth reunion, scheduled for this afternoon.
  • Identify Alumni Leadership Council class reps - Greg Snow and Anne Pareti, with Erin Smith as an alternate.
  • Other -
    1. Jeevan, Becky, Romeo, and John are going to work on contacting the entire class and making sure contact info is up to date. They'll submit correct names and addresses to the alumni office (with forms from there that Jeevan will procure) and send out notes.
    2. Kim Dunkelberg is going to look into working with other surrounding classes to plan a multi-class event so as to draw in friends from other years.
    3. Seth is working on the alumni fund stuff and will be contacting people for ideas of what to write in his quarterly letter, apart from money stuff.

by: Keith A. Pray
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