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Welcome back! We apologize for the down time and hope you come to find this web site a valuable resource. -1998 CBOD
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CBOD meeting 9/22/2001 Homecoming

CBOD Members Present: Keith Pray
Jeevan Ramapriya
Greg Snow
Anne Pareti
Erin Smith
Kim Farrell
John Hogan
Brian Wilson
Seth Popinchalk

  1. Election of Officers:
    1. Keith Pray & Brian Wilson re-elected as CBOD co-Chairs.
    2. Kim Farrell elected as meeting Secretary.
    3. Becky Hoffman re-elected and Kim Farrell elected as Communications co-Chairs.
    4. Jeevan Ramapriya re-elected and Keith Pray elected as Alumni Leadership Council Representatives.
    5. Anne Pareti, Erin Smith, and Jeevan Ramapriya elected as Reunion Planning Committee co-Chairs.
    6. Seth Popinchalk and John Hogan elected as Reunion Gift Committee co-Chairs.
  2. Update of CBOD Members
    1. CBOD will only include members present today and those on CBOD98 mailing list setup last year.
    2. Will update and forward membership to CBOD later.
  3. Alumni Assoc Leadership Council Class Rep - was Jeevan. He explained what the meetings and commitment were like. Jeevan will do it again this coming year. Two reps, meet twice a year. Keith will be the other rep. Three-year term. Kim will do it in 2004 or next year.
  4. Reunion program chair and committee members. Seth talks about reunion five-year gift, possibly part of the campaign for wpi? This Campaign ends at our 5-year reunion. Need a chair for the program, and a steering committee, about fifteen people. ~Fifty solicitors. Each gets ten classmates. Do it in one or two years. Focus on participation. Kim mentions newsletter first, _then_ ask for money...people agree. By default we're all on the money and reunion committees.
  5. Reunion. Ann & Erin will chair committee. w/ Jeevan helping. They'll solicit other class members. Things to do for reunion list of questions list of members of committee talk to a WPI Alum rep (Tina) get a list of tasks from Tina.
  6. Recognition award nominations
    1. No award nominations at this time.
    2. If any suggestions forward to alumni office.
  7. Getting email addresses for the whole class.
    1. Keith - use hard copy list (from alumni office) to confirm email addresses. Tie it in to other events - reunion and gift use to support asking for email address.
  8. Alumni newsletter. Include upcoming events. Lists of web sites, campus center, reunion, etc. committee reports - gift, reunion. Overview of cbod, etc. Kim get in touch with Becky Hoffman. work with her. publish online. work with postage at alumni office. Three-week time frame. Pictures - campus center and from homecoming. Picture of cbod members.
  9. Action items
    1. Committee chairpersons will get members (reunion gift and reunion)
    2. Brian will update cbod list and email lists.
    3. Kim will contact Becky and start work on newsletter
    4. Kim email minutes to Keith and Brian kap@alum.wpi.edu, brian.wilson@ps.ge.com

by: Keith A. Pray
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